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Centre for Behavioural Science


Though human nature is the same everywhere, human behavior with all its different hues and complexities needs to be studied in its proper cultural context. Diagnosing the etiology of behavioral patterns and assessing their influences in individuals and groups will be important for successful interactions with others.Human behavior in organizations and suitable ‘Indian’ solutions to behavioral and life issues affecting individuals and organizations have not been adequately studied in the Indian context. There is also a need for business schools to adequately equip their students to deal with holistic health and life issues so that dysfunctional behaviors at work or in personal life are prevented to a large extent.Hence, it is the endeavor of this Center to enable people to understand behavior as well as to equip them with necessary knowledge and skills to help modify behavior.



The Centre for Behavioral science shall enhance the overall health, well-being, and life of individuals and organizational members, through appropriate interventions including training, counseling, treatment and support, and to add to the body of knowledge in the fields of Psychology, Sociology, and Behavioral Sciences. It also helps to enhance HR/OB education through appropriate courses/interventions/research/projects.With its unlimited scope as a resource center providing powerful learning and behavioral solutions for individuals and organizations, the Center for Behavioral Sciences will probably be the first of its kind in a Business School. Through regular feedback and continuous self-assessment, the Centre would be constantly endeavoring to provide services of the highest quality.

  • To enhance the overall quality of life of individuals/organizational members
  • To help individuals/organizations cope with psychological/behavioral/attitudinal problems
  • To enhance the skills of HR professionals
  • To conduct research in areas of interest to organizations, or wherever a lacuna is perceived
  • To provide opportunities to HR students at LIBA so that they gain greater depth of knowledge and skills needed to be effective HR professionals

Personal Enhancement Programs

  • Helping in assessing the state of individuals’ well-being through suitable tools/instruments, and addressing their needs
  • Workshops on
    • Creative Self-exploration
    • Life-Enhancement Skills
    • Stress Management and Emotional Intelligence

Remedial Interventions

  • Dealing with Addiction and After-Care Maintenance
  • Counseling for Individuals and Families
  • Awareness Building and Information-sharing with the community
  • Re-skilling for gainful Employment

Organizational Initiatives

  • Action Research for Organizational Diagnosis and implementation of Organization Development Interventions
  • Executive Coaching
  • Creativity and Job Competence Development Programs

Training / Educational programs leading to qualifications in Behavioral Science, Counseling Skills, HR, Coaching, etc.

  • One-year Diploma in Behavioral Science is offered.


Success in business or happiness in life requires an in-depth understanding of human personality and behavior.

The whole gamut of human behavior is complex but fascinating. Understanding human interactions or trying to change behavior requires insight, skill, and knowledge of sciences such as psychology, sociology, anthropology and organizational behavior. This program endeavors to impart necessary knowledge and skills to understand why people as individuals or groups act/react the way they do, and how to modify dysfunctional behavior. This program also encourages research in this area.

Course Objective

To equip professionals and students with knowledge and skills to enhance the overall health, well-being, and life of individuals and organizational members.

To help individuals/organizations understand and cope with psychological/behavioral/attitudinal problems.

Current Researches and Training Workshops

The action-research that is being undertaken seeks to address effectively the problem of alcoholism in a community of Arundathiyar, who provide scavenging services in Trichendur Town.

A five-days counseling training program was offered to selected teachers from ten different schools in Tamil Nadu. The training was held in April 2009 at Dhyana Ashram, Chennai.

A ten-day intensive training program to equip those who are already working with the alcohol dependent with necessary counseling and intervention skills is offered at the training center at Nochiodaipatty.


  • With NHRD Chapter, Chennai
  • With social scientists, and professionals in the field of medicine, psychiatry and social work
  • With other Centers of Excellence
  • With other industries and organizations involved in social work and education.



Student Counselor and Professor
Contact : 91-44-28178200
Email : fremmanuel@liba.edu
Ms. Shyamala
Loyola Institute of Business Administration,
Loyola College, Chennai – 600 034.
Phone: (044) 28177221 (044) 28177206 (044) 28177106
Fax No- 04428173183
E mail: behavioralscience@liba.edu

Full time faculty

Student Counselor and Professor
Contact : 91-44-28178200
Email : fremmanuel@liba.edu
Associate Professor of Human Resource Management and Organisational Behaviour
Contact : 91-44-28177191
Email : revathi@liba.edu
Acting Director and Professor of Human Resources
Contact : 28177100
Email : director@libaedu.in

Visiting faculty

Fr. Maria Francis Jayapathy, S.J.,