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Centre for Entrepreneurial Excellence


The Loyola Centre for Entrepreneurial Development was established with the aim of creating a spirit of entrepreneurship amongst its young students. The Centre aims at contributing to the society at large by promoting the concept of social entrepreneurship. Additionally, it is involved in collaborative research initiatives and conducts training programme to develop entrepreneurial skills amongst existing and aspiring entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurs are the life-blood of any robust economy and LIBA encourages its students to explore entrepreneurship as a career choice. The Centre for Entrepreneurial Excellence seeks to foster discussion, debate and implementation and if need be, also to seed financing of projects for nascent firms.



  • To ignite the hidden creativity to promote the spirit of entrepreneurship among the students.
  • To import quality, relevant and timely training and skill building programme for existing and potential entrepreneurs.
  • To be a bridge between entrepreneur and financial Institution like commercial banks, mutual funds and venture capital.
  • To get involved in social entrepreneurial activities.
  • To provide facilities for incubation of ideas and to bring in Angel Investing and also to arrange for mentoring.


The Centre intends to impart training to needy and upcoming small business communities in and around Chennai as a part of its social obligations so that they will get the required knowledge to scale up their business.

  • Courses on entrepreneurship are offered.
  • Management development programs such as business plan writing etc.
  • Plans to have a three months, one-year courses on entrepreneurship.
  • Offers entrepreneurship as an area of specialization for the MBA students.
  • Helping students to come out with realistic, innovative business plans; facilitating them to get funding (angel funding, venture capital); guiding them to succeed.
  • Eventually to set up a place for incubation within LIBA as part of this Centre.
  • conduct business plan competitions regularly among the students within LIBA and for the students of the business schools.


To conduct National entrepreneurship programmes at frequent intervals involving leading professionals as well as achievers who have come up because of innovative ideas, business acumen.

Two years ago the part-timers organized a study conference on Entrepreneurship (Reputed Entrepreneurs were invited to share their experiences).


Involved in a research in collaboration with the Catholic University, Milan, and Universities in Brazil and China – on Clustering of SMEs for economic development.


To collaborate with similar organizations to promote the spirit of entrepreneurship – The Centre has a tie-up with NEN (National Entrepreneurial Network – Wadwani Foundation Initiative, USA) which is backed by Stanford Technology Ventures Program. The Centre and NEN will involve in inculcating the spirit of entrepreneurship among the student community and takes steps in making them successful entrepreneurs.

  • E-cell was started a couple of years ago and it is fairly active.
  • Organized awareness programs, guest lectures, e-week celebrations Two of our staff members were sent for entrepreneurship educators program organised by NEN.
  • LIBA has been invited to become a honorary member of The Indus Entrepreneurs (TlE), Chennai Chapter to get involved in their activities.
  • LIBA is involved in the Chennai Fund (organized by a group of entrepreneurs in Chennai for angel funding) and the Director is on their advisory board; help them identify good business plans and to take care of training of the selected personnel (incubation is at IIT, Chennai)
  • With Universities abroad – Universities known for their entrepreneurship programs such as George Mason University, St Louis University, and Dayton University
  • In touch with The Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India (EDI), Ahmedabad for courseware and entrepreneurship literature.


Mr. R.Ramaraj
Director, Centre for Entrepreneurial Excellence
Loyola Institute of Business Administration (LIBA)
Chennai, 600 034, India
Phone: (044) 28177173 / (044) 28177100
Fax: (044) 28173183
Email: rramrajj@gmail.com