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Centre for Retail Management


The Centre for Retail Management has been established to provide formal training in the concepts and applications relevant to retail management. The Centre also plans to engage trainees in research and development activities in order to develop models and techniques for effective retail management.



  • To conduct training courses (Certificate and Diploma courses) on Retail Management.
  • To give detailed insight and knowledge on various aspects of Retail Management.
  • To develop among the participants’ skills and attitude this would enable them to retail successfully.
  • To conduct research on various areas of Retail Management and to bring out the findings in the form of research monographs and papers.


The Centre has successfully conducted certificate and diploma courses so far. Currently, the Centre is conducting a certificate programme.


Dr. U.Srinivasa Raghavan
Director, Centre for Retail Management
Loyola Institute of Business Administration (LIBA)
Chennai, 600 034, India
Phone: (044) 28177100
Fax No: (044) 28173183
Email: u.sriraghavan@yahoo.co.in