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The MDC works one on one with businesses to create high-impact learning experiences that are tailored to the needs of each firm. Whether your organization is striving to move to higher levels of efficiency, adapt to shifting markets, new competitors, or other strategic challenges, we can partner with businesses to develop a customized programme that strengthens executive leadership capacity and drives organizational performance. Each customized programme has one primary goal: to develop leaders who can make an impactful difference. Recognizing that individual companies face unique challenges, our faculty works closely with company executives to develop programmes that meet the specific challenges and requirements of each organization, including implementing strategic change that moves the company forward, enhancing specific management skills, or building organizational capability to meet the changing needs of the business.

Management Development Centre (MDC)

Management Development Centre (MDC)

Corporate Programmes

The MDC accepts requests and actively partners organizations in conducting customized training programmes for their executives at different levels. The centre offers unique and distinct programmes to suit the business and developmental needs of the organization. The challenge of developing a robust leadership pipeline has driven many businesses to seek the help of the MDC at LIBA. The centre has been doing some outstanding work in this area. These Corporate Programmes are generally of longer-term duration going up to a year and in some cases up to two years. However, uniquely crafted, shorter duration Leadership Development Programmes are also offered. While most programmes are conducted at the LIBA campus, a few subject to client requirements, are held in the premises of the client organization. A team comprising of faculty and staff works with company executives to design a programme that meets the company’s specific needs. Based on the objectives outlined, they develop the appropriate curriculum and learning materials. Every aspect of a customized programme – from classroom activities to web-based exercises to project assignments and social events – is tailored to optimize learning and maximize the developmental experience.

Management Development Programmes

The MDC conducts programmes for the working professionals that are designed to provide timely learning interventions that help them up-skill and progress in their careers. These programmes are targeted at specific areas of business management with a view to increasing the overall effectiveness in the area. Programmes are offered from time to time across multiple business areas, for different seniority levels, in business. The programme design team at MDC identifies current business and industry challenges through extensive research on business environment and discussion with industry experts, management thinkers and corporate leaders. This ensures that the learning solutions and programmes of the MDC remain relevant to the dynamic business environment.

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