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Digital and Social Media Marketing  Programme

Digital and Social Media Marketing Programme

The Digital and Social Media Marketing programme is designed to offer Senior Executives in General Management , IT Professionals, Corporate Communications/ Public Relations and Sales & Marketing a practical hands on approach to leveraging the power of Digital and Social media.

The Internet is now encroaching core business activities such as new product design, advertising, marketing and sales, creation of word-of-mouth and customer service. It is fostering newer kinds of community-based business models. There is a lot of economic value accruing from the content generated in spaces mediated by social media. There are tangible means for monetization of content through newer forms of online advertising and interactive marketing tools on the mobile web. These processes are just beginning and will have enormous impact on our activities and the way we relate to people and organizations. Traditional marketing has always been about the 4Ps: Product, Price, Place, and Promotion. This course will examine how the digital revolution has transformed all of the above, and augmented them with the 5th P of Participation (by consumers).

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