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Independence Day

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On a bright Monday morning, students of LIBA had assembled in front of the solitary pole, decorated in blossoms of varied colors. It was a special day, not just for LIBA, but for the whole Nation. Eyes affixed on a bundle which everyone looked at, with pride, the bundle hung by twine along the pole was our National Flag waiting to be honored. It was 70th Independence Day celebrations. To remember and honor our forefathers of our Nation for the grateful 70 years of Independence awarded to us.A brilliant song by the “LIBA Choir” welcomed everyone and kick started the day’s progress. Honorable Director Fr. P. Christie and Dr. Victor Anthuvan Louis graced the occasion with their presence as chief guests of the day. The day’s host Emcee Nisha Bernard invited the chief guests to hoist the flag. National Anthem by the gathering was followed immediately post flag hoisting by Dr. Victor Anthuvan Louis. After respects from the gathered crowd of students and faculty, the former were requested to move to the auditorium for the rest of the events planned.

Honorable Director Fr. P. Christie addressed the gathering with a thought provoking speech about our country and our role as citizens and quoted “We are poor masters of a rich land”. He cultured knowledge on how we have to utilize our resources available in our country smartly to become developed and present our future generation a better Nation. He insisted that the capacity to achieve excellence is plenty and utilization of the former have to be done efficiently. Dr. Victor Louis Anthuvan who followed Director Fr. P. Christie bestowed knowledge on the history of our freedom fighters and how everyone played their part towards an independent Nation for us and for our future generation. His words around personal experiences of our forefathers raised roots and educated the gathering the importance of our Nation’s future.He addressed students of LIBA as future managers who will be leading the Nation will have to develop responsibility towards their Nation and help build it better as hoped by our forefathers.

Siddarth Daniel Rao a student from the first year of the Full time PGDM program addressed the gathering and urged students of LIBA as future managers, leaders, who will be impacting our Nation with our decisions, have to be socially responsible and indebted towards our Nation. He also insisted to not just work towards the end of march but towards 15th of August.A dance by the students of LIBA to portray happiness of citizens after Independence followed the speeches. Rohith Coelho of F15 concluded the day’s proceedings with the vote of thanks before the gathering broke for Refreshments. The whole event was covered by Photographer Venkatesh J of F16.

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