Greetings from LIBA!

Dear Alumnus,
We are delighted to begin yet another academic year and reconnect with you our dear Alumni.

Over the years, LIBA Alumni has grown from strength to strength. The oath you took on your graduation day to follow ethical practices, has truly borne fruit. Each and every one of you have greatly contributed to the success of your alma mater. Thank you, for carrying that baton of excellence and deep rooted values in every step you have taken. We would love to know of your progress and achievements in both your personal and professional life. Please share with us your experiences and photographs to enrich LIBA’s family tree.

As LIBA constantly strives to offer its students the finest in all facets of education and ethics, we want our alumni, to be the best inspiration to our students, invigorating and mentoring them.

We will be happy to share with you the happenings at LIBA through this website and our Alumni Newsletter -Rewind.

Kindly register yourself on this site!

I wish you the very best! Keep in touch!

Prof. (Dr.) Vandana Zachariah,

Professor of Finance

Chairperson LIBA Alumni Association

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