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Summer Placement


At the end of the first year, students are required to undertake a research-based projects during the summer project in order to gain practical corporate experience. The specific objectives of this summer placement are:

  • To create a learning link between theoretical understanding and practical corporate experience.
  • To foster analytical and reasoning skills and to cultivate and develop creativity among students.
  • To enhance student’s managerial skills through the acquisition of requisite technical knowledge and professional competence.

Final Placement

From its inception, LIBA maintained its reputation by consistently achieving 100% placement for the students. The list of visiting companies included both previous recruiters as well as new ones attracted to LIBA by its reputation of providing high-quality, reliable talent.


Lateral Placement


The lateral placement is organized over a span of one week. Students with work experience of over 18 months are eligible to be considered for the lateral placement process at LIBA.