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“Finesse”, the Finance Club of Loyola Institute of Buisness Administration is a student initiative which was started in the year 2005. The club was formed as a quorum for the students to discuss the happenings of the financial world and further the financial acumen of its participants. Finesse aims to support the Institute’s quest for co-curricular learning in the highly complex world of finance. The club is a sound platform where the students get to interact with academicians, professionals and students from other institutes. Through its activities, the club aims to bridge the gap between theory and practice and expose the students to the intricacies in the financial world.

Business Wall

Knowledge Series

The knowledge series makes members learn about concepts and events in detail and present these to the participants. In a series of presentations and discussions, students familiarise themselves with current affairs pertinent to Finance. In its most recent edition (2016-17), topics focusing Goods and Service Tax, Mutual funds, financial bubbles and crises of the past were discussed.

Guest Lectures

The club regularly invites prominent personalities from the sector to speak on topics of practical importance. In 2016, the guest speaker for the inaugural session was Mr. Valliappan Nagappan, Director at Madras Stock Exchange Ltd, who spoke about “The differences in regulation between Indian and Foreign Markets”. Lectures on specialized topics such as Private equity and acquisition models in India were conducted by experts.

Business Wall

The business wall is an initiative which was started in 2016 and is aimed at disseminating information to all the students in the campus. The business wall bears the latest news on the financial markets, business deals based on mergers and acquisitions, entrepreneurs and financial jargon are displayed on the wall. This is updated regularly by the club coordinators. As a part of this wall, quizzes are conducted on a weekly basis.

Spot Market Visit

As a part of the learning experience, the club conducted a field trip to the commodity market in the region. This trip was an attempt to introduce students to the actual process of price discovery and the settlement protocol in the commodity market.


Finvest is the research forum Finesse club, where students maintain a portfolio of stocks. Participating members who contribute a sum towards the portfolio are allotted roles of research analyst or fund manager where they can hone their skills on research, valuation and active portfolio management. Finvest helps in the learning process by giving the members an opportunity to research, invest, manage, and evaluate their actions.

FinQuest & FinScape

These are the two interesting events that will be organised by Finesse club for Chrysalis. FinQuest is to test the skills of the participants apropos portfolio management and derivatives. Finscape is a potpourri of games which involves strategic thinking and the use of financial knowledge to achieve certain goals. It is intended for people who are enthused by such games on stock markets, quiz etc.



Dr. M.P. Pandi Kumar
Associate Professor (Finance)
Phone:+91 9597185887

Finance Club Coordinators

Chandni Asvitha Thumma

Phone:  8940506785

Jaswanth Ayyappan
Phone: 9962513222
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Sethu Latha Ravi

Phone:  9840041380

Sharan J
Sharan Jaganathan
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