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“Invest in yourself. Your career is the engine of your wealth”

                                                                                                                         -Paul Clitheroe

The Finance committee of LIBA, the “Finesse Club”, is a student initiative, which works under the able guidance of the eminent Prof. Dr.M.P.Pandikumar and a team of dedicated faculty members. The club aims to kindle the interest and enthusiasm among the students in learning the concepts of finance, through organizing guest lectures and finance fests. Students are also exposed to real time trading platform which is facilitated with the access to an exclusive trading lab set up in the premises. This specific activity of the finesse club truly leverages the career of finance elective students at LIBA into an “engine of wealth”. The club also endeavours to bridge the gap between the academics and the industry. Finesse club focuses on creating awareness among the students about the ample career opportunities in finance and also provides a platform for extensive networking with the industry experts. Finesse club also encourages and engages the participation of students from other prominent B-Schools with the intent of forming a network of like-minded professionals. Access to Refinitiv Reuters, Bloomerang softwares is exclusively given to the members of the finesse club.

The Insightful Business Wall

Mr.Gowri Shankar, the Southern Regional head of National Stock Exchange during the Inauguration of the “Finesse Club”

Spot Market Visit

As a part of the learning experience, the club conducted a field trip to the commodity market in the region. This trip was an attempt to introduce students to the actual process of price discovery and the settlement protocol in the commodity market.

Events Organized

The activities of the Finesse Club is inaugurated by a prominent Industry Expert. In the academic year 2019-2020, the finesse club was inaugurated by Mr.Gowri Shankar, the Southern Regional head of National Stock Exchange on the topic “Recent Developments in Capital Markets”.


It is an exclusive event organized by the finance committee for the Finance elective students, where prominent senior executives from the industry share their knowledge and expertise. In the academic year 2019-2020 the theme of the event was “Investment Strategies”. The event was led by Mr. S. Krishna Kumar, CIO of Sundaram Asset Management Company, he addressed on the topic “Fund Management Strategy for wealth creation”. Mr. Valliappan Nagappan, the former director of Madras Stock Exchange Limited and  a popular columnist enlightened the students on “Side Pocketing in Mutual funds and its impacts”, Mr. N Kannan from wealth bull, spoke on the topic, “A Strategy to Millennial Portfolio Managers


Chrysalis is a national level flag ship event of LIBA that creates an identity for our students among the participants from various leading B schools who intensely compete. In the academic year 2019-2020, the finance club exclusively conducted two competitions namely the “FinIntellect” and “Manage your portfolio”. The “FinIntellect”, was a stock trading game built in macros and Portfolio game made the competitors to give a presentation on Portfolio Management for the selected list of Stocks. The cumulative scores were calculated and the winners were awarded.

Business Wall

The business wall is an exclusive space for the Finesse club, created with the unstinted support of Prof. Dr.M.P. Pandikumar. This wall educates the students and other members of LIBA with the recent updates in the market. This business wall is updated on a weekly basis.

Peer to Peer sessions

Peer to peer sessions are conducted by the finesse club members, were discussions happen on finance topics. In the academic year 2019-2020, two sessions were conducted namely, “Financial Ratio Analysis” and “ILFS & Yes Bank Cases”. This session facilitates knowledge sharing among students.


Dr. M.P. Pandi Kumar
Associate Professor (Finance)
Phone:+91 9597185887

Finance Club Coordinators

Abhishek Raj A



   Arpita Gupta

Sagar Choudhary



An Investment in knowledge pays the best Interest

                   – Benjamin Franklin.

The finesse club always tries to empower the finance enthusiasts with the best of knowledge it could possibly give. The Business wall gives an insight about the market updates.  The “FinConclave”, being one of the major highlights of the finesse club, is instrumental in providing strong conceptual as well as practical knowledge to the students from the industry experts. Such sessions enlighten the finance elective students in terms of the expectations in the finance industry, the updated technologies, the importance of wealth creation and maximization. The Peer to Peer sessions, being a friendly discussion session helps in knowledge sharing on certain basic concepts of finance. This helps the members of the club to grow together. LIBA is the pioneer in organizing events like The Chrysalis, which the other B Schools in the country wish to incorporate.


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