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LIBA-Informatics Centre (LIBA-IC), a CSR initiative of LIBA, empowers Bottom of Economic Pyramid (BoP) by providing IT Education, Employability-skill training and support services for tiny, micro and small Enterprises.The Courses have been designed and customized to meet current needs of industry and market. The LIBA-IC focusses on blending cognitive, non-cognitive, business / trade, finance and communication aspects. Employability skills – computer, communication, accounting and other soft skills – are provided to all participants.

To hone Tiny and Micro entrepreneurs’ business ventures, LIBA-IC has a dedicated support service. Faculty and students at LIBA provide hands on support to tiny and micro entrepreneurs. LIBA, committed to excellence and ethics and aiming to contribute to national development, supports IC in assisting under privileged in the society. The skills acquired at LIBA-IC enable students, youth, women, migrants and others to become employable, self-employed or to start new ventures.


To offer skill enhancement trainings for youth, women and entrepreneurs for participating and performing effectively in local economy and elsewhere.


  • To offer courses that improve employability of youth, women, migrants and refugees, from under-privileged and marginalized segments
  • To support tiny, micro and small scale entrepreneurs in acquiring skills, preparing business plans, marketing, finance and other related aspects
  • To collaborate with colleges, technical institutions, community colleges and schools for outreach


  • Offer courses in emerging areas of IT, ITES, Management / Administration, Computerized Accounting, Communication and Entrepreneurship
  • Conduct fast track courses during summer vacation for 10th and 12th students and through the year for school and college dropouts
  • Facilitate faculty, students and mentors at LIBA to support tiny, micro and small scale entrepreneurs

Forge collaborations with industry, governments, and NGOs to strengthen the CSR efforts of LIBA-IC.


  • LIBA – Informatics Centre started in 1990
  • Over the last 25 years, LIBA-IC trained more than 25,000 persons in IT, ITES and Management
  • LIBA – IC offers courses in flexible formats and affordable for students, working persons and entrepreneurs
  • Illustrious alumni of LIBA-IC working in leading businesses, government services or running their own enterprises
  • LIBA-IC has qualified and experienced faculty

India is poised to reap the benefit of unique demographic dividend. A large number of work force is in the age group of 15 to 64 years. With youthful workforce, India will emerge as a major provider of skilled and semi-skilled personnel in developing and developed countries between 2020 and 2050. Government of India, recognizing the skill gaps, has set an ambitious target of skilling over 500 million persons by 2022. It is imperative at LIBA to contribute in creating a workforce with employable skills for jobs, self-employment and entrepreneurship.


The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in 2016 refocused everyone’s attention on the need for eliminating poverty, sharing prosperity, encouraging participation, sustaining environment, fostering peace through just and inclusive societies. This requires effective engagement of vulnerable segments such as youth, women, informal workforce, refugees and internally displaced, including migrants. LIBA with its stated mission of supporting the poor, the weak and the underprivileged has tweaked IC programmes to help them in coming out of economic disadvantages by upgrading the skills.



  1. Digital office Management (DOM)
  1. Web Development
  1. Computer Programmer
  1. Java Programming
  1. Client Server Technology (DCST)
  1. E-commerce & Digital Marketing – Fundamentals
  1. Employability skill development(ESD)
  1. Entrepreneurship Skill Development(Tiny and Small Entrepreneurs)-EDP
  1. Marketing/Sales Skill development
  1. Android Application development
  1. Network Management
  1. Hardware Servicing
  1. SPSS



D. Anantha Padmanaban is a senior faculty of LIBA Informatics Centre. He has been with LIBA- IC for the past 19 years.

Areas of Expertise:
Computer Language: C, C++, Java, SQL, PL / SQL
GUI Tools:                      Visual Basic, Visual C++, Visual Foxpro
Operating System:      UNIX, MVS, ORACLE, DOS, WINDOWS
Oracle:                            Oracle SQL Plus, PL / SQL, Forms, Reports
IBM Certification:        IBM MAINFRAME S 3 9 0, MVS, COBOL, JCL, VSAM, CICS, DB2, Assembler, PL / 1


Mr. Y. Amala Frank Jayaseelan, is the Coordinator of LIBA-Informatics Centre. He has been with LIBA-IC for more than 10 years.

Areas of Interest: Web Development, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), R(Statistic Programming Language), Spreadsheet Modelling, VBA(Macros), and Database Management System(DBMS & SQL).


Name of Faculty Educational Qualifications Subjects Handled Mode Work Experience
R. B. Easwaran B.Sc, PGDMSM, MMM MFOB, Business Statistics, IHRM, IMM Both Former General Manager, British Airways
S. Ebenesan BSc, M.B.A(NIPM), M.A(Psychology), B.G.L MFOB Extended Deputy Zonal Manager(Retd), LIC
Dr. C. D. Balaji M.Com, MA Eco, MA(Pub. Admn),MBA, PGDPM, PGDCA, Ph.D Managerial Economics Weekend As Faculty in Panimalar Eng College( 16 Yrs)
Dr. A. Xavier Mahimai Raj M Com, M.Ed, M.Phil, MBA, Ph.D Financial and Management Accounting Weekend Associate Professor, Loyola College
Dr. Pandikumar M.F.C, M.Phil, Ph.D(Management) Financial and Management Accounting Extended Associate Professor, LIBA
Ruchi Pritam MBA, BL Business Law & Business Communication Extended Legal Consultant
Ravishankar. R B.E(Mechanical), PGCBM Quality Management, Operations Strategy Weekend DGM, Unimo Exports, UCAL Group
S. Narayanan B.E(Hons), ACMA London, AICWA Project Management Weekend Consultant-Project Management
Ameeta Anand M.S(Software engineering), Ph.D Information Technology/Technology Management Both Consultant
Dr. S. Kannan M.Com, MBA, Ph.D(IAS) Business Communication Weekend Additional Chief Secretary, Govt of Tamilnadu(Retd)
V. Chandrasekar MBA Advertising Management Weekend CEO, Advertising Agency