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The MDC works one on one with businesses to create high-impact learning experiences that are tailored to the needs of each firm. Whether your organization is striving to move to higher levels of efficiency, adapt to shifting markets, new competitors, or other strategic challenges, we can partner with businesses to develop a customized programme that strengthens executive leadership capacity and drives organizational performance.

Each customized programme has one primary goal: to develop leaders who can make an impactful difference. Recognizing that individual companies face unique challenges, our faculty works closely with company executives to develop programmes that meet the specific challenges and requirements of each organization, including implementing strategic change that moves the company forward, enhancing specific management skills, or building organizational capability to meet the changing needs of the business.


The Black Belt certification program provides an advanced coverage of the Six Sigma methodology. The Black Belt training course provides not only the practical knowledge but also hands-on experience applying these tools on Real-world problems. By the end of the program, candidates would be ready to solve complex business problems using Six Sigma methodology.


This programme will help participants understand the basic types of negotiations, the phases of negotiation and the skills needed for successful negotiating. It provides a framework for managers/negotiators to analyze and improve their own decision processes and approaches in choosing to reach an international agreement.


LIBA, is one of the premier management schools in India, recognized for offering top quality business education and continuously strives for academic excellence.


This is a mindfulness and neuroscience-based leadership development program that trains people on various emotional skills to advance their emotional intelligence and leadership capability. It enables people to explore their inner potential, experience the calmness within, and sharpen clarity of mind, thereby enhance leadership presence which is must in today’s business world.


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