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Mark-it was formed with the vision: “To Revolutionize”. The objective of the Club is to bridge the gap between concepts and applications in marketing. Discussions, games and events cover the diverse facets of the marketing segment of business like branding, strategies and business environment.


The club organizes various activities to benefit students

LIBAzaar is an innovative tool used to conduct market research and observe consumer behaviour. The fair is organized and supervised by Mark-it, the marketing club of LIBA. The format of the fair incorporates elements of disguised marketing and general entertainment to keep the crowd engaged. The research is conducted in the guise of game stalls and other attractions to simulate the feel of an actual fair. The games are designed to serve as a proxy for actual marketing questions. This helps evoke unbiased and accurate information about consumer perceptions and preferences. The promotions are aimed at relevant target groups from surrounding areas who participate in the disguised research. Apart from helping corporate companies gain valuable insights through research attained from LIBAzaar, the students also benefit by applying their conceptual knowledge in the execution of the LIBAzaar itself.

Chrysalis sees the mark-it club host a plethora of mini events which vary every year. The events test participants on creativity, conceptual knowledge, marketing skills and most importantly, selling skills.

Co-Ordinator / Contact

Kirandeep Kaur
Phone : +91 8124172401
Email :
Namitha. K
Phone : +91 7708548712
Email :
Tinesh Prakash
Phone : +91 9962830445
Email :


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