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Dr. Agna Fernandez

Chair - Centre for Ethics & Corporate Governance & Associate Professor - Human Resources & Associate Editor, Management Matters


EXPERIENCE IN YEARS TEACHING/PRACTICE/INDUSTRY/RESEARCH : 18 Years of Teaching/ 15 Years of Research/ 14 Years of Industry and Practice

An eclectic mix of Industry and Academic experience, Dr. Fernandez is widely sought after in the industry space for change management, organization development and culture audit and alignment. A soft-skill trainer she has designed numerous need-based interventions in this area too. Currently she is consulting an assignment in the healthcare vertical of Dr. Reddys Laboratories, Hyderabad. She has headed OD initiatives across five plants in NSL Sugar power and distillery divisions, designed the High potential Identification programme for various IT firms, headed a brown field change management program at Dr. Reddy’s to name a few.

B.Com, M.Com, PGDM & Fellow in Management – XLRI


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Research and Publication

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Consulting Assignments :

2017: Dr.Reddy’s Health Care Education

Audit and creation of Content leading to upgradation and Certification , pertaining to behavioural and counselling skills for the Practitioners in the Oncology Division.

  • Manages implementation and roll out of learning and development solutions: assigning appropriate audiences, determining and coordinating scheduling and logistics, procuring equipment, coordinating the development and distribution of communications, conducting pilots, identifying and recognizing needed edits and revisions, testing functionality of eLearning resources and solutions, evaluating effectiveness and facilitating improvements, vendor management, etc.
  • Manages multiple projects with competing interests ensuring high quality deliverables are produced in a timely manner.
  • Conducts quality assurance reviews of own and other’s work to include spelling, grammar, formatting, layout, etc.
  • Creates and maintains learning and development resources in the learning management system to ensure accurate offerings, catalogs and assignments to comply with ISO and training records SOP requirements and reporting.
  • Conducts and facilitates training, workshops and teambuilding as required.
  • Work as quality SPOC for the Human Resources T&D team and represent on HR Audits

Working papers:

  • Fernandez, A. & Kullu, F. D., 2018. eKutir: Democratizing the future of Farming. EFMD Case Competition.
  • Fernandez, A. & Kullu, F. D., 2019(working paper). Theatre that enthralls, engages and educates: An Artistic Pedgogical Tool. South Asian Journal of Business and Management.
  • Fernandez, A., Kullu, F. D. & Shankar, R., 2019(working paper). The Multidimensional Sustainable Leadership Competencies Scale, Factor structure, reliability and validity. London, British Academy of Management.
  • Fernandez, A., Kullu, F. D. & Shankar, R., 2019. Development of a Model of Sustainable Leadership Practices and Competencies: A grounded Theory Approach. In: S. Vanka & M. B. Rao, eds. Sustainable Human Resources Management: Practices, Policies & Perspectives in South Asia. Hydrabad: ICFAI Business School, pp. 11-13.

Conference & Presentations:

  1. Paper titled financial Literacy and Inclusion initiatives of selected banks in India : A step towards sustainable financial development . Two day UGC sponsored International Conference on Innovative Business Practices in a VUCA world,St.Xavier’s College ,Kolkotta, 5-6th Januray,2018.
  2. Paper titled “Nurturing tropophillic organizations through an open-systems-design-principles approach” authored by Agna Fernandez and JC Wandemberg have been accepted for presentation at 11th ISDSI International Conference (Dec 28-30, 2017) Indian Institute of Management Tiruchirappalli.
  3. Building Community Through Dialogue For Employee Well Being JC Wandemberg, A Fernandez Global Science and Technology Forum-Singapor, 11-12th December,2017.
  4. Leadership Competencies in the new global frontier :An analysis of emerging trends in Indian Companies. International Conference on Emerging Trends in Global Management Practices – An Interdisciplinary Approach March 07- 08, 2014, Symbiosis Centre for Management Studies NOIDA

Gamification of Elearning; raising engagement in learning ; culture alignment and audit ; self-managed teams; high performance work culture.

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