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Dr. Deepak Mathivathanan

Assistant Professor – Logistics & Supply Chain Management

QUALIFICATION & SPECIALIZATION : B.E. – Production Technology (Madras Institute of Technology, Chennai),  M.Tech. – Industrial Engineering (National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirappalli), Ph.D. – Sustainable Supply Chain Management (National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirappalli)

EXPERIENCE IN YEARS TEACHING/PRACTICE/INDUSTRY/RESEARCH : 8 Years of Teaching / 7 Years of Research / 2 years of Industrial experience

Dr. Deepak Mathivathanan is an Assistant Professor in the Centre for Logistics and Supply Chain Management @LIBA. He is a Supply chain and Industrial engineering professional, Black belt in lean six sigma with 8 years of teaching experience in operations management and facilitating supply chain projects. Expertise in Supply chain sourcing, network design, capacity planning and optimization. 6 years of research experience in the field of data driven decision making in supply chain management in automotive component manufacturing. Trained towards continuous improvement using Lean Six Sigma and data driven quality tools. 2 years of industrial experience in 2D & 3D modeling with academic background of Production engineering at bachelor level, Industrial engineering at master’s level and with a doctorate in Sustainable Supply Chain Management with an automotive industry perspective.


  1. International Journal publications
  • Kumar, N., Mathiyazhagan, K. and Mathivathanan, D., Modelling the interrelationship between factors for adoption of sustainable lean manufacturing: a business case from the Indian automobile industry. International Journal of Sustainable Engineering, pp.1-15.
  • Mathivathanan, D., Mathiyazhagan, Haq, A.N and Vishnu K., (2019) Multi-sectoral comparisons of Sustainable Supply Chain Management practices in Indian manufacturing industries. Journal of Modelling in Management.
  • Mathiyazhagan, K., Sengupta, S. and Mathivathanan, D., 2019. Challenges for implementing green concept in sustainable manufacturing: a systematic review. OPSEARCH, 56(1), pp.32-72.
  • Mathivathanan, D., Kannan, D. and Haq, A.N., 2018. Sustainable supply chain management practices in Indian automotive industry: A multi-stakeholder view. Resources, Conservation and Recycling, 128, pp.284-305.
  • Mathivathanan, D., and Haq, A.N., 2017. Comparisons of sustainable supply chain management practices in the automotive sector. International Journal of Business Performance and Supply Chain Modeling, 9(1), 18-27.
  • Mathivathanan, D., Govindan, K and Haq, A.N., 2017. Exploring the impact of dynamic capabilities on sustainable supply chain firm’s performance using Grey-Analytical Hierarchy Journal of Cleaner Production. 147, 637-653.


  1. Conference Proceedings
  • Deepak, M and Govindan K., Total interpretive structural modeling of social sustainability practices in manufacturing industry. In 11th Isdsi International Conference Publication. IIM Tiruchirappalli, India.
  • Deepak, M., Govindan, K and Haq, A.N., 2016. Analysis of Sustainable Supply Chain Management Practices in Indian Industries using Analytical Hierarchy Process “International Conference on Technological Advancements in Materials and Manufacturing for Industrial Environment TAMMIE, March 4-5, 2016”. KPR institute of Engineering and Technology, Coimbatore, India.
  • Deepak, M., Noorul Haq., 2015. Exploring SSCM practices in Automotive Industry-An Indian Scenario ‟International Conference on Emerging Trends on Mechanical and Industrial Engineering”. July18, 2015. ITM University, Gurgaon, India.
  • Deepak, M., Noorul Haq., 2014. Identification of Pressures, Barriers and Drivers for the implementation of green Supply Chain Management ‟5th International & 26th All India Manufacturing Technology, Design and Research Conference AIMTDR” December 2014, Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati, Assam, India.
  • Deepak, M., Best Practices for Social Sustainable Development in Emerging Market “2nd International Conference on Emerging Markets and Issues in Management, 19 & 20 April, 2013” Vellore Institute of Technology Business School, Vellore, India.


  1. International Book Chapters
  • Deepak, M (2020) “Introduction and Evolution of Industry 4.0”, Sustainable Manufacturing for Industry 4.0 – An Augmented Approach, Taylor and Francis publications ltd.                                                               (Ongoing)
  • Deepak, M and Sivakumar K (2020) “Big Data and Its importance in Manufacturing”, Sustainable Manufacturing for Industry 4.0 – An Augmented Approach, Taylor and Francis publications ltd.                                                                                       (Ongoing)
  • Sivakumar K, Nishal M, Deepak M and Vimal KEK (2020) “Guidelines for ensuring Sustainability in Industry 4.0”, Sustainable Manufacturing for Industry 4.0 – An Augmented Approach, Taylor and Francis publications ltd.  (Ongoing)
  • Deepak, M and Sivakumar K (2021) “Action plans for logistics and supply chain recovery post-COVID 19”, Managing supply chain risk and disruptions: Post COVID 19, Management and Industrial Engineering, Springer Book Series.  (On going)


  1. International Book Proposal (Accepted)

Blockchain for Supply Chain Management: Managing A Volatile-Uncertain-Complex-Ambiguous World. (2021)

Publisher: Elsevier

Editors: K Mathiyazhagan, Deepak M, Raja Sreedharan

Areas of Interest:

Sustainable Supply Chain Management, Circular Economy, Blockchain applications in Supply Chains, Industry 4.0, Sustainable Development, Operations Management.

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