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Dr. Sunil Vakayil

Chair, Admissions – International Students Chair – Branding and Strategy Associate Professor of Marketing


EXPERIENCE IN YEARS TEACHING/PRACTICE/INDUSTRY/RESEARCH : 19 years of industry / 7 years of teaching

Dr. Sunil Vakayil, comes in with more than 26 yrs. years of industry & teaching  experience in India and the U.S. He has been at the helm of the marketing & operations functions of high-profile corporates, such as Titan Industries, Nikki International (New Jersey), Reliance Industries, Bharati Airtel ltd, Aircel Ltd , and Sun Direct.

He is currently an Associate Professor at LIBA in the Marketing area and also is the Chair Person of the Management Development Centre at LIBA which helps in transforming & upskilling organizational teams.

Ph.D. – was awarded his Ph.D., in the area of Marketing Management  from Jiwaji University . His area of research was on the “Channels of Distribution in Rural Markets “. This research study was a project funded  by M/s Aircel Ltd and the research findings were well accepted by the industry and also the suggestions were  implemented in the telecom field.

MBA – Marketing :Dr Sunil has completed his MBA from Sagar Central University( Now known as Dr HS Gaur University )


  1. Influence Of Promotions And Change In Buyer Behaviour Due To Covid 19 On The Intent To Increase Usage Of Digital Payment Systems; Academy of Marketing Studies Journal; Volume 25 Issue 2 Pages 1-15 Year  2021
  2. Instigators Of Digital Know-How Habit For Expenses Amongst Generation Z In Western Tamil Nadu –A Pragmatic Analysis; Academy of Marketing studies Journal; Volume 25, Issue 5, Pages 1-13; 2021
  3. Consumer Buying Behaviour of Virgin Edible Oils–A Literature Survey and Conceptual Framework ;International Journal of Management  International Journal of Management Volume 10 ;Issue 4 Page 141-151; July-August 2019
  4. “The Impact Of Service Quality On Customer Satisfaction; An Empirical Study “International Journal of Management Volume 11 Number 3 Pages76–88 Year 2020
  1. “The Impact of e-Commerce On Retailing in The Handset Industry” – An Empirical Study Published in International Journal of Advance and Innovative Research Volume 6, Issue 1 (I): January – March, 2019
  1. “Impact Of Showrooming On Retail” Published in the Intercontinental Journal Of Marketing Research Review Online Volume 5, Issue 7, July 2017.
  1. “Opportunities And Challenges In The Field of Business Analytics” Presented at the National Conference at Jain College Gwalior and published in the Technology and Management Education For Organizational Growth- Sun India Publications- N.Delhi
  1. “Opportunities & Challenges In Marketing Of Products Manufactured By Tribals” Presented at the 14th International Conference at Jaipur & Published in Journal Published by The Indira Gandhi National Tribal University
  1. “Challenges & Opportunities For Corporate Training Of New Generation Work Force” Presented at the National Conference on Indian Corporate Sector Challenges & Published in the Book of Indian Corporate Challenges, ISBN # 987-93-83459-11-7
  1. “Small Is Beautiful Sachet Marketing” Buying Behaviour Of Customers In Rural Markets Presented &Published At The International Conference at Goa Sept 2013& Published in The Journal of Management Outlook Vol. 4 Number 1 Jan –June 2014,ISSN 2231-1769
  1. . “Usage Patterns Of Mobile Phone Subscribers In Rural India” Presented at The International Conference at Jaipur, Jan 2013& Published in The Journal of Management Outlook Vol. 3 Number 1 Jan –June 2013,ISSN 2231-1769
  1. “Mobile Telephony In Rural India” Presented at The International Conference at Jaipur Jan 2012& Published in Indian Journal of Research Vol. 2 ,July –Dec 2012 ISSN 2231-6655

Primary Interests

  • Digital Marketing
  • Marketing in Emerging Markets
  • Technology
  • Logistics & Supply Chain Management

Secondary  Interests 

  • Indian Culture

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