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Dr. M.P. Pandikumar

Area Chair – Finance Associate Professor of Finance

QUALIFICATION & SPECIALIZATION :MFC (Finance and Control), Ph.D. (Alagappa University) Finance

EXPERIENCE IN YEARS TEACHING/PRACTICE/INDUSTRY/RESEARCH : 18 years of teaching / 1½ years of industry / 07 years of research

Dr. M. P. Pandikumar has specialization in Finance. He has over 17+ years of teaching experience in different universities and management institutions in India. He has handled teaching and training courses in Research Methods, Financial Management, Financial Derivatives and computer-based games on Financial Modeling using SPSS and EXCEL. His doctoral work on life insurance got him a special award and recognition from the Life Insurance Corporation of India. He has research interests in Behavioral Finance and Current Stock Market Trends. He has published two books and several research papers.

Dr. Pandikumar was awarded Ph.D., in the area of finance, from the Faculty of Management Studies, Alagappa University. He completed his Masters in Finance and Control (MFC) from Madurai Kamaraj University.

Pandikumar qualified further more professional certification both in the Capital markets and Life insurance

  • NCFM -Dealers module on Capital market
  • NCFM-Dealers module on Derivative market
  • AMFI certification- Dealers on Mutual funds
  • NISM-Dealers module on Currency Derivatives
  • Insurance Institute of India-Licentiate on Life Insurance
  • M.P.Pandikumar and Dr.V Manaickavasagam(2007)” SWOT analysis on Bancassurance in India” in the leading journal of insurance “The Insurance Times”
  • M.P.Pandikumar and Dr.V.Manaickavasagam(2007)” Modern Marketing Driven Strategies of LIC-An Overview” in the leading journal of insurance “Life Insurance Today”
  • M.P.Pandikumar and Dr.V.Manickavasagam(2010)”Policyholders behavior towards the acquisition of policies” in the Indian Journal of Finance
  • M..P.Pandikumar and Dr.V.Manickavasagam(2011)” Agents behavior towards the selection of regions” in the ICFAI University Publications Risk Management and Insurance
  • M.P.Pandikumar and Srinivasan (2013)”Linear relationship between Option Greeks and Nifty option premium” in the Management Research Journal of Finance , SNS College of Technology (Autonomous).
  • M.P.Pandikumar and Muthukumar,(2014)”A study on the historical volatility of various indices over a period of time in the indian stock market with reference to National Stock Exchange in the Asian Journal of Research in Business Economics and Management”

He authored a book on “Management Accounting” for Excel Books Pvt Ltd., New Delhi, in the year 2007

Primary Interests

  • Financial Derivatives
  • Trading strategies using Derivatives
  • Financial Management-I
  • Financial Management-II
  • Financial Modelling Using Excel
  • Management Accounting

Additional Interest

  • Research methods using SPSS
  • Path modeling and Sample size determination using VPLS and G-Power 3

Industries Association:

  • Life insurance industry-Insurance Institute of India
  • National Stock Exchange Ltd
  • Association with Brokerage houses in Coimbatore and Chennai

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