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QUALIFICATION & SPECIALIZATION : M.Sc., M.B.A (St. Louis, USA), Ph.D.(St. Louis, USA) – Decision Science


Fr. Christie S.J., is the Director of LIBA with rich academic and long administrative experience. He has his doctorate in Decision Sciences. He teaches Data Analysis and Research Methodology. His research interests include cross-cultural research methodology, effect of culture on ethical attitudes of business executives, and globalization. He also guides Ph.D. candidates registered in the University of Madras. He has presented research papers at several national and international conferences and has also published research articles in reputed management journals. He is also involved in various consultancy projects related to strategic planning in India and abroad. He is a member of the Beta Gamma Sigma, the honour society for Collegiate Business Schools, USA.

Fr. Christie has a B.Sc. in Statistics from Loyola College, Chennai, an M.Sc.in Statistics with a First Rank from Madras Christian College, Chennai, a B.Ph.Philosophy from Jnana Deepa Vidyapeeth, Pune, B.Th.Theology from Vidya Jyoti, Delhi, an M.B.A. in Business Administration from St. Louis University, St. Louis, U.S.A. and a Ph.D. in Business Administration from St. Louis University, Major: Decision Sciences.

Conferences Attended & Papers Presented:

  • International Conference on “Global Economy and Cultures”, Woodstock Theological Center, Georgetown University, Washington, U.S.A., Aug. 1999.
  • Keynote address on “The Role of MNCs in the Globalized Era” at the national seminar on ‘Human Rights Issues vis-a-vis Modern Business’, St. Xavier’s College, Palayamkottai, Mar. 2000.
  • Presented a Paper on “Globalization, Culture, Human Resource Practices” at the national symposium on ‘HRM in the Era of Privatization, Liberalization and Globalization: Promises and Challenges’, St. Joseph’s College, Trichy, Dec. 17-18, 2001.
  • 14th Annual Management Education Convention, New Delhi, Aug. 2002.
  • Presented a Paper on “Globalization and World Trade” at the International Conference on ‘Globalization as seen from Developing Countries’, Santa Clara University, St. Clara, California, U.S.A., Nov. 2002.
  • Presented a Paper on “The Effect of Globalization on Culture: Has Globalization Homogenized Different Cultures of the World?” at the International Conference on ‘Globalization and India: Addressing the Challenges’, SJ Mehta School of Management, IIT, Mumbai, Jan. 2003.
  • Presented a paper on “Management Education in the context of Emergence of Knowledge Economy in India”, Christu Jayanthi Jubilee P.G. College, Guntur, Sep. 2005.
  • Presented a paper on ‘Conflict of Values in the Globalized Era’, at the International Conference at Satya Nilayam, Chennai, February 2006.
  • Presented a paper on ‘Business Ethics in India’, at the conference on “Business Ethics in China, India, and Beyond: The Global Challenge” organized by the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics at Santa Clara. University, March, 2007.


  • Christie, P.M. Joseph and Levary, R. “The use of simulation in planning the transportation of patients to hospitals following a disaster”, Journal of Medical Systems, 22 (5), pp. 282-300, Oct. 1998.
  • Christie, P.M. Joseph and Levary, R. “Virtual Corporations: A Recipe for Success”, Industrial Management, pp. 7-11, Jul.-Aug. 1998.
  • Christie, P.M. Joseph, “Globalization and its impact on the poor” in Amaladoss (2001), ‘Profiles of Poverty and Networks of Power’, DACA Publications, Madurai, 2001, pp. 103-199, The proceedings of an international conference, Madurai, Feb. 2001.
  • Christie, P.M. Joseph, “Impact of Globalization on Culture: Is it Cultural Hybridity or Cultural Reengineering”, Chennai Journal of Intercultural Philosophy’, 1(2), pp. 73-79, Satya Nilayam, Oct. 2002.
  • (One of the Co-Authors with Geert Hofstede, et. al.) Christie, P.M. Joseph, “What Goals Do Business Leaders Pursue? A Study in Fifteen Countries”, Journal of International Business Studies, 33(4), pp. 785-804, Dec. 2002.
  • Christie, P.M. Joseph, et. al. “A Cross-Cultural Comparison of Ethical Attitudes of Business Managers: India, Korea and the United States”, Journal of Business Ethics, 46(3), pp. 263-287, Sep. 2003.
  • Christie, P.M. Joseph and Dr. K. Gowrishankar, “JIT in Services – A Future Prospective”, Journal of Operations Management, ICFAI, Aug. 2004.

Consultancy and Research

Helped in Strategic Planning for many non-profit and religious organizations including Jesuit Refugee Service, South Asia; Diocese of Dindigul (first of its kind in India) – as part of the planning exercise, a socio-economic, religious survey was conducted and data were collected from every catholic family in the diocese; currently guiding the Diocese of Sivagangai, Tamilnadu and Isabel Hospital, Chennai.

  • Has done evaluations:
    • Programs such as Regional Theology Program in India; MA Philosophy at Satya Nilayam, Chennai, formation program of various congregations, and Self-financing courses offered by University Colleges in Madurai Province.
    • Organizations/institutions such as the Congregation of the Sisters of St Joseph of Lyons, Holy Cross Sisters (Tiruchi Province); this year agreed to evaluate Jnana Deepa Vidyapeeth (JDV), Pune

Has personally conducted many surveys including cross-cultural surveys and guided many researches, particularly in the data analysis.

  • Cross – Cultural effect on Business Ethics
  • Cross Cultural Research Methodology
  • Globalization and its Impact.

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