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With the changing nature of work and workplace including digital disruption, one thing that remains unchanged is the concept of Leadership that is ever evolving to the various challenges posed by the corporate world. The impact of leaders and leadership on organisations and people remains unparalleled. The demand is high for someone who navigates the challenges of a dynamic world to lead an organisation successfully. Considering the demand today and the demand for leadership in the future business world, it is pertinent that today’s youngsters are potential leaders for tomorrow. Since leaders are required in every type of industry, it becomes imperative to include Leadership as part of academic curriculum. But beyond curriculum, a centre for Leadership Excellence at LIBA serves as a platform that aims to foster an environment where emerging models of leadership could be explored both from industry and research perspectives.


The Vision of the Centre is: To be a centre for excellence, focussing on the understanding, practice, and development of leadership for the benefit of individuals within and outside LIBA, for organisations, and the society at large.



  1. To achieve a strong collaboration between academic and business enterprises for the benefit of prospective leaders of LIBA – our students, so that they gain strong leadership competence, skills, and knowledge
  2. To embrace the opportunity to work with organisations that focusses on leadership development by offering a range of leadership programs delivered by faculty, experts, and facilitators
  3. To achieve innovation and work integrated learning through action research undertaken by faculty in collaboration with research organizations and institutions with a key focus being leadership.


Strategic Goals and Activities from the Centre for Leadership Excellence

1. Leadership Lecture Series – which we are starting off today as the inaugural session

  1. The Personal Growth Lab (PGL) – Initiated by Father Director, they are Learning labs to increase the self-awareness and personal development specially designed for our PGDM students.
  2. Conferences and Seminars
  3. Research and publications
  4. Leadership development programs for organisations
  5. Academia – Industry interface through consulting opportunities

Through the centre we hope to take forward the baton of LIBA to new heights in Leadership Development.


Prof. B. Aiswarya

Area Chair – HR


Dr. R. Deepa

Chair – Centre for Leadership Excellence

Dr. Akanksha Jaiswal2

Dr. Akanksha Jaiswal

Co-Chair – Centre for Leadership Excellence

Mr. Vignesh3

Mr. Vigneshwar Kannan


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