Loyola Institute of Business Administration (LIBA) In Pursuit of Excellence with Ethics

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S. No Name  Position
1  Mr. L. M. Xavier  Secretary to Director
2  Ms. Rochelle Simon  Office of the Director
3  Ms. M. Fathima Mary  Assistant Software Engineer – Website, ERP
4  Ms. A. Sahaya Ruby Priya  LIBA office/ Admissions
5  Ms. G. Jennifer  Executive Asst. to Director (Documentation)
6  Ms. Trinita Machado  Executive Asst. to Director (Ranking/Accreditation)
7  Mr. P. Sudhakar  Administrative Officer – Full-Time
8  Mr. M. U. Alagusundaram  Asst. Administrative Officer – Part-Time
9  Mr. T. Tamilarasu  Asst. Administrative Officer – Exe.Diploma
10  Mr. A. Alphonse Rosario  Secretary – Exam/ Full-Time
11  Ms. I. Ammu Julia Angeline  Secretary to Dean – Research
12  Ms. P. Lakshmi  Assistant to Chair, Admissions
13  Ms. Haripriya Ashwin  Executive Assistant to Chair, Placement
14  Ms. Rita Christopher  Assistant to Chair, Alumni Relations
15  Mr. R. Michael Sundar  Administrator
16  Mr. S. Patrick Rosario  Accountant
17  Mr. M. Ravi  Cashier
18  Ms. Borgia Jansi Rani  J  Accounts Assistant
19  Ms. A. V. Surya  Librarian
20  Mr. R. Ganesh  Library Assistant
21  Mr. A. Joel  Library Assistant
22  Mr. J. Joseph Praveen  Systems Administrator
23  Mr. A. Ricko Anand  Asst.Systems Administrator
24 Ms. K. Udaya Executive, MDC
25 Ms. C. Sherlyn Lydia Executive Assistant – MDC
26 Mr. K. Venkatesh Executive Assistant – MDC
27 Mr. D. Anantha Padmanaban Faculty – LIBA IC
28 Mr. Y. Amala Frank Jayaseelan Faculty – LIBA IC
29  Mr. A. M. Vijay  Office Assistant
30  Mr. A. John Arul Arasu  Office Assistant
31  Mr. M. Jesuraj  Office Assistant
32  Mr. A. Arul Pragasam  Office Assistant
33  Mr. S. Saravanan  Office Assistant
34  Mr. S. Sebastin Jayaraj  Office Assistant
35  Mr. S. Solomon  Electrician
36  Mr. M. Susainathan  Office Assistant
37  Mr. A. Christopher  Office Assistant
38  Mr. A. Prabu  Office Assistant
39  Mr. A. S. Muthukumar  Office Assistant
40  Mr. S. Thirunavukarasu  Cleaner
41  Mr. M. Leo Ignatius  Attender
42  Mr. M. Ganeshkumar  Attender
43  Mr. G. Dillibabu  Watchman