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LIBA strives to promote learning among its students both in and out of the classrooms. Beyond the curriculum, the students at LIBA have a vibrant social life, characterized by cultural and sports activities, get-togethers and celebrations as well as social-oriented events. LIBA also fosters among its students a passion for excellence by encouraging them to participate in other business school festivals as well as national and international competitions. Exposure to such events builds self-confidence through challenges of thinking, performing and outdoing some of their best peers in other business schools across the country.


The Outbound Learning Programme is a three-day intensive workshop aimed at bridging the gap between the concepts students learn in class, and their practical application on the job or in any interpersonal interaction. The activities focused on improving both individual and team performance by honing various skills ranging from communication and teamwork to problem-solving and leadership.


LIBA has constantly sought innovation in teaching methodologies in order to maintain effective and efficient methods of teaching. One such method is the Marathon Case study. The Marathon Session of Case Analysis was first introduced during the eighties. The rich tradition was revived this year and the session was conducted by Prof. Dr. A. Seetharaman, Dean, Academic Affairs, S P Jain School of Global Management – Dubai, Singapore, Sydney. The uniqueness of this method lies in the fact that the students get to spend a day out in the open environment and analyze the cases amidst nature. The analysis itself also follows a very structured approach, incorporating quite a handful of analyzing tools and methodologies, which otherwise would have taken days to put together.


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