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Fr. N. Casimir Raj S. J.
Founder Director,

Having completed his graduate studies in Loyola College, Chennai, Fr. Casimir Raj proceeded to complete his religious studies. After ordination, he went to Santa Clara University, California to do M.B.A. Later, he went to St. Louis University, Missouri for his Ph.D.

Fr. Casimir Raj was much loved Director of Loyola hostel, Rector and Principal of Loyola College.

As the principal of the college he admitted girl students in the P.G. courses a great innovation in those days. He worked with the Government in drafting Private Colleges Act. He worked hard to save the autonomous college system, which was about to be destroyed. Later, after retirement he initiated the new commerce building and mobilised funds for the building. As the Chairman of two committees, he advised the reformation of the college administration and helped implementing it. As the Director of Alumni Association of Loyola College, he revived the association and organised the mammoth and unprecedented Alumni congress. He laid the foundation to make the Alumni Association vibrant.

In 1979, on August 18th he started LIBA. He made it standalone institution and not affiliated to the University. It was a need of the hour and the students thronged to it, even though the Diploma was not recognised by the Government. The Jesuit Superiors planned to close it down, since it catered to the rich and fostered capitalistic system. He fought very vehemently against closing it down and the Superiors relented and gave up the idea of closing down LIBA.

During his second stint as the Director of LIBA from 2001-2004, he revamped the curriculum and made it comparable to the best management schools in India. He worked relentless and made LIBA get 9th rank from 54th rank.

As the Director of Xavier Institute of Management, promoted rural development, started a project “Education for all” in Keonjar District, Orissa and started Rural Management course. Now it is among the top three in India.

As the Director of Xavier Labour Relations Institute, he took XLRI overseas. Started Executive Fellowship Programme. He got third rank in India consistently.

With God’s grace, collaboration of fellow workers and his own vision and hard work, he served management education in a commendable way.

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