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In today’s fast changing world where globalisation and privatisation are part of everyday lingua franca, LIBA strives to expose and prepare its students for the global arena. In the context, LIBA has many international exchange/collaborative programmes with institutions in Asia, Europe and USA. These programs offer students an opportunity to visit many countries and get exposed to diverse cultures. On the academic front, the students attend classes in foreign institutions, interact with foreign students visiting LIBA, and also attend classes taught at LIBA, by faculty from abroad. Likewise, faculty from LIBA pursue joint research and teaching activity with their counterparts in the partnering institutions.



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LIBA International Webinar Series 2021/ 1

LIBA International Webinar Series 2021 was inaugurated on 1st September 2021 at 3:00pm (IST) by Rev. Fr. C. Joe Arun, S J, Director, LIBA. He argued that all the educationalists should focus on the outcomes especially in the areas of learning and technology. He also expressed his sincere thanks to all the International Partners and welcomed the guest speaker Dr. Bhumiphat Gilitwala, Professor, Graduate School of Business Management, Assumption University, Thailand.

Dr. Bhumiphat Gilitwala, spoke about “Digital India and The Impact of Technology on Business Models”. He explained the importance of Digital Infrastructure and its core utility in the for delivery of services to citizens. He further elaborated on the Governance & Services on Demand towards Digital Technology and how it would be empowering the common man.

LIBA International Webinar Series 2021/ 2

LIBA International Webinar Series 2021 was conducted on 9th September 2021 at 12: 30 pm (IST) through the Zoom Platform. The webinar was graced by Engr. Dylan Josh Domingo Lopez, Project Development Officer-Project HEIRIT, Innovation and Technology Support Office; Faculty, Computer Engineering Department, Adamson University, Manila, spoke on the topic “Sustainability, Responsible Innovation and Technopreneurship”

He spoke about the importance of Technopreneurship and said that it is a procedure to brainstorm human innovations with the help of technology. He also explained about the problems which is experienced by a common man in the society and indicated that every individual should align the innovation with the vision. The Q&A session was witnessed by many questions from the students and faculty members.

LIBA International Webinar Series 2021/ 3

The International Relations of LIBA advances the global networking goal of the Institute by developing and strengthening international partnerships, providing international opportunities for faculty and students, and hosting foreign delegations and events.

The 3rd International Webinar Series 2021 was organised on 12th  October by Dr. Aaron Loh, Director – Universities Collaboration and Networking, Senior Faculty Member – Graduate School of Business Assumption University, Bangkok, Thailand.

Dr. Aaron, addressed on the topic, ‘Impact of Intense Global Competition towards Changing Trends in Innovation, Technology and Business Development”. He explained business is just ‘an exchange’, its existence is for maximising profit and a major factor for enabling the quality of life. He described how to strengthen international collaborations through emerging technologies and global infrastructure.  An highly interactive Q&A session was witnessed with questions posed by students and faculty.

LIBA International Webinar Series 2021/ 4

The 4th session of the LIBA International Webinar Series 2021 was conducted virtually on 29th November 2021. The webinar was graced by Dr. Marc Arul Weissmann, Faculty of Business, Design and Arts, Swinburne University of Technology, Malaysia.

Dr. Marc addressed on the topic, ‘Business Schools Addressing Societal Challenges’. He explained on building a sustainable ecosystem and the convergence of sustainability and digital imperatives and its impact on the society. The session concluded with an interative Q&A.

LIBA International Webinar Series 2021/ 5

The 5th session of the LIBA International Webinar Series 2021 was conducted virtually on 13th December 2021 @ 2:00 pm. The webinar was graced by Prof.  Jayaraman Krishnaswamy Editor-in-Chief – Taylor’s Business Review (TBR) School of Management and  Marketing Faculty of Business & law – Taylor’s University Selangor, Malaysia.

Prof. Jayaraman addressed the topic, ‘Technology Acceptance and Service Innovation in Marketing’. He spoke about the importance of Service Innovation on Market Operational Performance in the Malaysian Telecommunications Sector. He highlighted that non-technical innovation is related to the primary activity and the operational component within an organization. This non-technical innovation affects and changes the technical system of the company. The session was well received and concluded with an interactive Q&A session.

LIBA International Webinar Series 2021/ 6

The International Relations of LIBA facilitates international partnership and provides great international learning opportunities to students. In line with this goal the 6th International Webinar Series 2022 was organized on 24th March 2022 by Dr. Sandhya Sastry, Faculty Academic Director for the Strategic Partnerships University of the West of England, United Kingdom. Dr. Sandhya spoke on the topic “Ethics of Technology Innovation”. She said that technology innovation speaks about ethics in two contexts. Firstly, whether the pace of technological innovation is benefiting humankind or not, and secondly, whether technology empowers some people while creating obstacles or challenges for others. She also explained that companies that occupy only a small space in an ecosystem risk losing sight of the big picture and often, these disrupters focus solely on consumer demand without regard for any long–term negative consequences on society. The session was well received and concluded with an interactive question and answer session.

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