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In line with LIBA’s commitment to values and ethics, social service initiatives are managed by the students at LIBA, which aims at bringing about a positive change in the society by leveraging management skills and techniques imbibed at the institution. Several programmes are conducted throughout the year for the upliftment of the downtrodden people.

LIBA-Rural visit

Little Sister’s Home for the Aged” is a library of human books with a happy cover page, but each with an agonizing story. The happy chapters take the road not taken and reach a tragic ending. Isn’t it depressing that the little fingers that had once held the warm hands of their parents’ has left them in solitary severing the affectionate parental bond.

Like the white dot on the  ‘Yin-Yan’, the Little Sisters provide a very pleasant home for the lone aged people. They bring all the companionless into a new small family of love and care. They take up begging with a charming smile on their faces to provide a cheerful home for the aged. The huge home with a beautiful chapel is a veil on the face of education and ethics going in vain. The first visit organised by the LIBA Radius Club for the year 2017 was worth our Sunday noon. Making someone smile costs us nothing, instead it showers abundance of blessings. The bunch of thirty-five happy souls of LIBA sparkled the stardust of positivity on all the beaming aged people. Some deep thoughts were shared with a few friends of mine who got a chance to have a one on one interaction. Brimming with positivity, the happy bunch was able to console the aching souls by sharing a hug and a few words of kindness.


LIBA INFORMATICS CENTRE (LIBA-IC) was established as a social entrepreneurship initiative of LIBA, with the objective of serving the students and the poor in the community with a cost-effective quality education in computers. The Institute in order to achieve this promotes the course among students and through the parishes and enables the deserving students to pursue these courses with sufficient fee concessions.

LIBA-IC caters to those who

  • Desire introduction to the use of computers
  • Wish to upgrade their present computer knowledge and to keep pace with the latest development in the field
  • Look for cost-effective, job oriented & meaningful computer Education

With the increased use of computers and related software, the demand for proper knowledge and skilled manpower in this area has grown over the years. This calls for different courses tailor-made to suit the clientele.


To harness the professional competence of the human resources by providing world-class education using state-of-the-art technology in 1976, AIMA took a historical decision to introduce India’s first ever management programme through flexible learning, which was the need of the hour, to create talented management manpower to manage core sectors of developing India. Today, more than quarter of a century later, to cater to changing patterns of a dynamic industrial society like India through the facilities of computer and information technology, flexible learning mode has become the preferred mode to keep a management professional in touch with the latest skills and techniques.To focus more on education, the Centre for Management Education (CME), the education wing of AIMA, was established in 1993 as a full-fledged autonomous business school. Today AIMA-CME is the largest business school in the autonomous sector in the country in terms of student enrolments.