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In line with LIBA’s commitment to values and ethics, social service initiatives are managed by the students at LIBA, which aims at bringing about a positive change in the society by leveraging management skills and techniques imbibed at the institution. Several programmes are conducted throughout the year for the upliftment of the downtrodden people.

LIBA-Rural visit

The Village Visit is an annual programme at LIBA in which every year the First year PGDM students of LIBA undergo a rural experience.This is mandatory and this programme is part of the course – Social Environment of Business. The students visited the remote villages in Kanchipuram District as two batches. 120 first year PGDM students of LIBA made a trip to Kuppayanallur, where they stayed for two days. One section visited Kuppayanallur in the second week of February 2019 and the other section completed their visit in the third week of February 2019.

For almost all the students this was their first visit to a village. The students of LIBA took classes for the students of Loyola Higher Secondary School, Kuppayanallur, on many aspects including motivation, career guidance etc. The students of LIBA were exposed to the caste issues and the dalit realities prevailing in rural India for the first time in their life. They were also exposed to the challenges and the problems arising from addiction to alcohol and drugs during the visits to villages near Kuppayanallur.

They made a study of the socio-economic and the cultural realities of the remote villages of Kanchipuram district. They learnt many things from the people living in those villages and from the students of Loyola Higher Secondary School, Kuppayanallur. In their sharing all the students of LIBA unanimously expressed that they have understood the deeper socio – economic issues and the shocking caste realities prevalent in that area.  They learnt simple things like simplicity and hospitality from the rural folks. It was an eye opening for many to experience the innocence and happiness found among the villagers. The students of LIBA were highly appreciative of the contribution made by the Jesuits in empowering the poor and the marginalised. All the students expressed that they were taking a powerful message from the rural experience.

The faculty in charge Prof. Victor Louis Anthuvan, Professor – Finance & Dean – Research was with the students guiding them throughout the visit. The Jesuits of Loyola School Kuppayanallur are extremely helpful and they make the necessary arrangements for boarding/lodging of the students, they share their knowledge and experience with the students, which is invaluable.


LIBA INFORMATICS CENTRE (LIBA-IC) was established as a social entrepreneurship initiative of LIBA, with the objective of serving the students and the poor in the community with a cost-effective quality education in computers. The Institute in order to achieve this promotes the course among students and through the parishes and enables the deserving students to pursue these courses with sufficient fee concessions.

LIBA-IC caters to those who

  • Desire introduction to the use of computers
  • Wish to upgrade their present computer knowledge and to keep pace with the latest development in the field
  • Look for cost-effective, job oriented & meaningful computer Education

With the increased use of computers and related software, the demand for proper knowledge and skilled manpower in this area has grown over the years. This calls for different courses tailor-made to suit the clientele.