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Forming men and women for corporate world is not in the domain of vocational skills. Instead it lies in the sacred realm where building character becomes a holistic, integral and formative exercise that helps a student gain a certain facility and ease to face challenges, take calculated risks, and mitigate the risks by which he or she has a deep sense of fulfilment in life

This formation, we believe, is not achieved by acquiring prescriptive knowledge but it is intensively by discerning propositional knowledge that connects organically with the real world of business.

As LIBA focuses on pursuing excellence with ethics, we view this formation as a deliberate approach to excellence, which means unusual goodness surpassing the ordinary to reach the heights of pristine standard of learning. That standard provides an unique and valued position in which a student feels (pathos) thinks (logos) and acts (ethos) in his or her circumstances based on values of goodness, truth and beauty. For excellence is not a skill but an attitude.

In the same way, ethics is not an act but a behaviour that comes from proper self-knowledge leading to appropriate and mature expressions in inter-relational situations. In this, there is an acute awareness of inner motivations, consolations, desolations, and intentions in what one says and does, what we call ‘self-conscious living.’

In fact, this attitude and behaviour make a way of life of everyone who lives, works, and learns in LIBA.

In the courses our students follow, the learning they gain from them and the life they live in the campus we insist that they pursue this kind of excellence that leads to ethical living.

Therefore, LIBA students are competent, committed, creative and compassionate. When they join an organisation they will commit totally to enhance its quality and standard.

You can see this clearly in the profile of students in the brochure in your hand and I know that you will not hesitate to employ them in your enterprises.

Welcome to LIBA, and wish you the best.

Rev. Dr. C. Joe Arun, SJ

Major Achievements

  • Since the inception of LIBA, it has maintained a reputation of achieving 100% placements for its students.
  • Highest salary package of Rs 21 lakhs per annum.
  • Median salary package of Rs 11 lakhs per annum.
  • Students are placed in 14 distinct industries for Final Placements and 12 distinct industries for Summer Internship Placements.
  • More than 50 companies participated in Final Placements.
  • Highest stipend of Rs. 75,000 per month for Summer Internship Placements.
  • Average stipend of Rs. 31,640 per month for Summer Internship Placements.
  • Over 40 companies participated in Summer Internship Placements.

Placement Process

Date and Month Recruitment activity
9th July 2024 Selection of F24 Placement Committee Members
29th July 2024 Competency Mapping
31st July 2024 Inviting Companies
10th August 2024 Placement Database Collection
14th August 2024 Classification of Companies
19th  August 2024 Placement Training
9th September 2024 Final Placement process
16th September 2024 Summer Internship Placement Process
January 2025 Offer Letter Collection
April 2025 Placement Brochure Release

Final Placements

Summer Internship Placements

Placement Reports 2023-24

Placement Reports 2022-23

Placement Reports 2020-21

Placement Reports 2019-20

Placement Reports 2018-19

Placements Report 2017-18

Summer Placement Reports 2018-20

Summer Placement Reports 2016-18

Placement Committee (PlaceCom)

1. LIBA placement is driven by a team of selected students

2. Placement team consist of motivated and talented students from first year and second year

3. The Committee focuses on:

  • Organizing summer and final placements in campus
  • Maintaining and establishing relationship companies through mail, telephone and visit
  • Placement data management and Analysis
  • Effective communication of placement information to students
  • Communicating and meeting the company officials
  • Preparation of reports and documentation

4. Entire placement process is monitored and guided by Chair-placements, Advisor-placement and Manager- Placements

5. Father Director of LIBA will give directions and his decisions are final.


Dr. L. Aravindh Kumaran

Chair – Placements

e- mail :

Phone : 044 – 2817 17326

Mobile : 94441 33626

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