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Centre for   Technology  and Innovation (CTI) was conceived by Fr. Joe Arun, our Director, to bring about a digital transformation in LIBA and to leap-frog in to the new normal environment of the post-covid era. The specific objectives include:

  1. To bring the best-in-class and cost-efficient technology to improve the teaching-learning process.
  2. To deploy technology in creative and innovative ways to enhance the entire process of knowledge discovery to dissemination.
  3. To become a beacon of knowledge in educational technology and offer assistance to other institutions.
  4. The center will strive to achieve excellence in academic technology that will give a strategic advantage to  the Institute.

The key initiative of CTI include

  • Online content delivery accessories to faculty such as – Writing Pads, Headphones
  • Virtulive Lecture Capture solution integrated with Dooth in MDC class-room
  • Flip board integrated with WebEx in selected class rooms
  • ERP Implemenetation (in progress)
  • Digital Media Studio (proposed)
  • Content creation and authoring tool  (proposed) – (Adobe Connect)

CTI Team

  • Dr. M J Xavier (Chair)
  • Dr. Ramasubramaniam
  • Dr. Kishore Kunal
  • Dr. S Shyni Carmel Mary
  • Mr. Antony Jeraldin Peter
  • Mr. Amala Frank Jayaseelan
  • Mr. Ricko Anand
  • Mr. Christopher
  • Mr. Silver Star J
  • Mr. Deepak M
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