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Mr Vigneshwar K

Teaching Assistant - HR

Mr Vigneshwar. K is Teaching Assistant at LIBA. He has over 3 years of hands on industry experience as Brand Manager and Change Management Consultantand. He worked as Assistant Professor for Management students in Bharath University.

He has received,

3 India Book of Records:

  • Maximum Marketing Strategies contributed by an Individual, 2021
  • Maximum Authors Contributing in a Book on COVID-19 and its Impact, 2020
  • Longest Business Case Study Marathon, 2019

2 Asia Book of Records:

  • Grand Master, 2021
  • Maximum Authors Contributing in a Book on COVID-19 and its Impact, 2020

He is a certified Social Media Marketer from HubSpot. He also owns two Copyrights on Marketing Strategies.

  • Electronics and Communication Engineering from T. John Institute of Technology, Bangalore
  • Masters of Business Administration from University of Madras

Online Certifications:

  • Digital Transformation from Boston Consulting Group and University of Virginia
  • Entrepreneurship from NPTEL Online Certification
  • Human Resource Management and Leadership from Macquarie University, Australia
  • Management Fundamentals from University of Pennsylvania
  • Fundamentals of Digital Marketing from Google
  • Search Engine Optimization Specialization from University of California, Davis
  • Organizational Behaviour from IESE Business School, University of Navarra
  • Big Data Analytics from Griffith University, Australia
  • Marketing Analytics from University of Virginia
  • Market Research Specialisation from University of California, Davis
  • The Future of Payment Technologies from University of Michigan
  • IMC: Advertising, PR, Digital Marketing and more from IE Business School, Spain
  • Channel Management and Retailing from IE Business School, Spain
  • Pricing Strategy from IE Business School, Spain
  • Brand and Product Management from IE Business School, Spain
  • Communication Strategies for a Virtual Age from University of Toronto
  • Motivation and Engagement in an Uncertain World from Coventry University
  • Personal Branding from University of Virginia
  • The Business of Social from Northwestern University, Illinois
  • Content, Advertising and Social IMC from Northwestern University, Illinois
  • Engagement and Nurture Marketing Strategy from Northwestern University, Illinois
  • Digital Skills from Accenture
  • Graphic Design from California School of Art
  • Social Media Marketing from Hubspot Academy
  • Non-Profit Essential from NonProfitReady
  • People Analytics from Wharton, University of Pennsylvania

Books and Book Chapters

  • Book Chapter on Disruptive Technology – Transforming Digital India, ISBN No: 978-93-5406-787-7,2020
  • Book Chapter on Mind Control: Psychological Impact, Well-Being and Mental Health during COVID-19, ISBN No: 978-93-90082-41-4,2020
  • Book Chapter on “Human Rights in Various Countries”, ISBN No:978-93-90115-16-7,2020
  • Co-Author for Navigating in a Disruptive World, ISBN No: 978-613-9-45602-4,2019
  • Editor of Gamification on Virtual Learning, ISBN No: 978-81-945793-2-8,2020
  • Editor of An Anthology of Caselets, ISBN No: 978-93-5406-975-8,2020
  • Editor of Sustainability and Resilient Strategies for Navigationg the VUCA World, ISBN No: 978-93-5419-192-3,2020


  • Retarded Spurt

When a product’s terrible reputation becomes legendary among enthusiasts, and transmogrifies into a golden shining moment.

  • (IM)Promptu Gafe

A blurry line between an embarrassing mistake and a well-crafted opportunity which brands create to imprint a memorable image in the minds of the audience that helps in getting attention of the audience.

Sling-Stone Effect

A collective series of marketing strategy that can be used by brands (skipping/skimming) to increase their market share in a short span of time and provide an initial / renewed impetus to the growth of the organisation.

Know-Not Entrepreneurs

Aspiring Entrepreneurs who do not want to consume any risk and documentation or have any expertise or knowledge about to start a business; all they do is rely on someone else technology and “Know-How”

Pseudo –Choice Marketing

Pseudo –Choice Marketing is a strategy by brands when adding a pseudo-option (out of stock / unavailable) to their product variant which is priced lower than other product variants making the buyer change their preference towards an option the seller is trying to promote.

Conference and Publications

  • “Internet of Things using Arduino” in International Virtual Conference on Emerging Frontiers in Control and Communication Technologies, ISBN No: 978-93-5416-017-2,2020
  • Electric Vehicle Modelling and Simulation for the 2nd International Conference on Innovative Studies of Contemporary Sciences held at Tokyo, Japan, ISBN No: 978-625-7139-19-9,2020


  • Advisory Council Member – Harvard Business Review
  • Academic Expert – Chegg Academy
  • VPIFS – International Forensic Science
  • India Heritage Mapping Head – India Lost and Found
  • Volunteer – World Wildlife Fund
  • Volunteer – United Nations
  • Associate Member – Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage
  • Professional Member – International Society for Academic Research
  • Professional Member – Advertising Club Madras
  • Project Coordinator – Compendium of Science and Engineering Reports
  • India Representative – One World One Family World Motorcycling Community
  • Travel Influencer – Royal Brothers
  • Official Influencer – Tauros
  • Organization Behaviour
  • Organization Development and Crisis Management
  • Digital Transformation
  • Brand Management
  • People Analytics and Data Visualisation

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